Our history and future
The Phantom Gardener has been your one-stop-shop for sustainable and organic gardening solutions for more than 20 years now! It's a growing part of the Rhinebeck and Hudson Valley communities and has, rightfully so, earned itself a repuation for quality and dependability. New owners Dave, James, and Tony plan to keep the traditions of Phantom alive, but have exciting and innovative ideas for its future!
So, be sure to stop in to see what’s new and growing!
Meet the Phantom staff!
Anthony Capalbo: Anthony grew up working for his parents' lawn maintenance business, where he learned all aspects of property maintenance. In the mid-90's, their services expanded to include landscape installation and stonework, and as a result, so did Anthony’s knowledge and experience. In 2001, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Landscape Design & Plant Science from SUNY Cobleskill and, soon after, began working at The Phantom Gardener. In 2003, Anthony went on to open his own business, ADC Design, which he managed for 10 years before merging his company with Newleaf Design and opening Legacy Landscapes.     
David Campolong: After graduating with a BA in Environmental Studies & Geography from Edinboro University, David worked at The Phantom Gardener for 11 years. He held positions as a Retail Service Provider, Landscape Installer, Nursery Manager, Project Manager, and Designer. In 2005, he completed a Masters of Arts in Landscape Design (MALD) from the Conway School of Landscape Design. His graduate work included a master plan for the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, an Environmental Index for the town of Marbletown, and a Master Plan for an estate in Patterson, NY. In 2005 David started his own business, Newleaf Design, which was later merged with ADC Design to form Legacy Landscapes.     

James Himelright: James grew up with a passion for being outdoors and, as such, began his landscaping career by working at a local plant nursery throughout high school. He then expanded his knowledge of property maintenance and turfgrass management while working for the grounds crew at Columbia Golf and Country Club. In 2004, James graduated from SUNY Cobleskill with an Associates Degree in Landscape Development, and soon after, started Apple Valley Landscape. His business specialized in lawn and property maintenance and custom outdoor spaces.