Monthly Gardening To Dos

- Pruning - A general rule of thumb, don't cut anything that's about to go to bloom, for example, Lilacs and Forsythia.
- Look for dead wood, broken or crossing branches. Ornamental grasses can get cut all the way back to the ground. Buddleia and Caryeopteris get cut back to about 12 inches from the ground. We advise waiting til you see new green growth. Hydrangeas - Do yours bloom on old wood? New wood? Both? Check here !
- Apply deer (and other hungry critters) repellent to new growth (tender and delicious!), evergreens, perennials, and anything you don't want eaten. Even if it's not a known deer food, if they're hungry they'll eat it so it's better to protect.
PHANTOM TIP! Rotate your deer repellent so your neighborhood deer don't become desensitized and become tolerant and start munching on your favorite plants.
- If you're planning a new garden or lawn it's a good idea to do a pH test to see what kind of amendments or fertilizers you might need.
PHANTOM TIP! When the Forsythia is in bloom you know it's time to use corn gluten meal, an organic weed inhibitor.
Add organic matter, such as compost, to your raised beds, flower beds, etc. Healthy soil = healthy plants! 
PHANTOM TIP! Working wet soil will damage it! If it sticks to your shovel wait a bit longer to start gardening/digging.
Now is a great time for seed starting! You can start all of your herbs and many veggies inside. Don't know how? Anita from Coast of Maine will be here 
Earth Day Weekend  giving a seminar on how to get started.
- Clean out your bird baths and feeders. Sharpen your tools.
- Keep in mind, the average last frost date for our zone is May 15th but there are lots of cool weather veggies and herbs you can plant now.