Monthly Gardening To Dos

July is notorious for being dry and hot so you still need to keep up on your watering!

- You can raise your mowing deck up a bit to cut the grass at a longer length. Three inches is good this time of year.
- Be sure to keep up with weeding.
- Inspect for bugs. Japanese Beetles are out now. Your best bet is to pluck them off one at a time and dispose of them in soapy water. End All works well against them too. Watch out for cabbage worms in your veggie garden as. Dipel Dust is our favorite to get rid of them. Also be on the lookout for the Tomato Horned Worm as they'll chow down on your tomatoes.

PHANTOM TIP! Tomato Horned Worms can bite so remove with a clothes pin or brush into a bucket of soapy water. If they have little white eggs on them, don't kill them.
Other issues? See the damage but not the bug? Lynn can hook you up with an organic solution.
- Water! Pots and other containers will likely need daily attention. Beds should get a thorough soaking. Most plants need about an inch of water a week. The best time to water is first thing in the morning, or in the evening. Avoid mid-day watering. Too much water can evaporate, and if any water gets on foliage could cause burns.
PHANTOM TIP! Invest in a soaker hose and timers. If you're low on time, have a weekend home, or are going on vacation these will ensure your plants get a thorough watering. You won't have to stress about things drying out while you're not home.
- You should be reaping the rewards of your vegetable gardens. Stay on top of weeding. Tomatoes and peppers are starting to ripen now. Get ready for cold season veggies to be planted!